Open Your Eyes

They announced their arrival as they flew over the house and beckoned me to the window.  Majestic Canadian geese flying in formation landing near the pond across the pasture in search of food.  I ran to the window as I often do to see the “special” delight that God provided just to remind me of His presence and the glory of His creation.

There they were swimming on the pond and grazing nearby grass doing what geese do as I admired their beauty.  I noticed two very large geese on the hill between the house and the pond and in order to see them better, I retrieved my binoculars from the closet.  What a delight!  They have a definite beauty all their own.

As I looked at the geese suddenly coming into view was a very large bird I had not seen while looking at the geese.  This bird was camouflaged and blended into the background so perfectly that I was not aware that he was there.  He stood perfectly still waiting for the unsuspecting fish to swim near him.  The fish would in an instant become dinner.  This large blue gray bird was the great blue heron who was also a frequent guest to our pond.  But this time I had not been looking for him but to my surprise, there he stood.

My thoughts turned to the Lord as I thought about how often He is near me and I don’t even know He’s there.  I do not “see”.  All Christians have the assurance of His presence within us by the Holy Spirit and the assurance that He is always near to protect, to love and to commune with Him.  Sometimes, however, we do not take time during our daily activities to acknowledge His presence. We become so involved with “living” that we fail to recognize the “Life”.  If we but “open our eyes” to His divine presence, we will be delighted by what we find.