Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory

God’s presence is all around us and if we open up our eyes, we can see His glory filling the earth with shouts praise for His mighty power. 

A friend of mine had introduced me to the song “Don’t Let Me Miss The Glory” by Gordon Mote. This is a song of praise and prayer to God…”Don’t let me miss the glory.  Don’t let me miss the praise. All creation is singing to the honor of Your name. Don’t let me miss the grand design.” 

When I retired from an “official” job, the Lord began to show me the beauty of His creation.  We took a cruise for celebration of retirement to Alaska where God’s beauty in His marvelous creatioGlaciern can easily be seen.  He gave me a very “special delight” every day.  It’s almost as if He was saying, “Sandra, look over here.  Now look over there. See the beauty I have created for your pleasure.”

From that time forward my prayer has been the same.  “Don’t let me miss the glory” of Your marvelous presence all around me.  Open up my eyes to see that shouts of praise from all of Your creation.

When you become aware of all the things He has made, you can’t help but know what an awesome and wonderful God He is!

Listen to the song “Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory” and may God open your eyes to see God’s beautiful creation around you as He shows you His very special delight.