Don’t Let Me Miss the Glory

Several years ago before a trip to Alaska a friend of mine gave me an album entitled “Don’t Let Me Miss The Glory” by Gordon Mote. I downloaded it to my ipod and took it with me on my trip. Every morning I stood on the balcony and as I beheld the awesome beauty of my surroundings, I listened to this album. The theme song of the album became my prayer each day. “Lord, don’t let me miss Your glory!” God richly answered that prayer. What beauty I saw in His beautiful creation! As I stood on the balcony and smelled the fresh clean air and felt the gentle cool breeze on my face, God opened my eyes to see His beautiful creation and what an awesome mighty God He is. Since that time He continues to show me very special “delights” and glimpses of His glory in my own backyard. I serve a Mighty Holy God!

I love to take photographs of things He allows me to see. I have included some those photos in the slideshow attached here, along with the song, “Don’t Let Me Miss The Glory!” by Gordon Mote. My hope is that as you view this, you too will recognize what a Holy God we serve. Don’t miss His Glory, He reveals it every day if we will just notice! We serve an awesome God!