When We Don’t Understand

Psalm 23:2-3 He leadeth me beside the still waters.  He restoreth my soul.

Sometimes the Lord has to bring us to the place of brokeness before we will give Him our attention.  It is hard to understand why things happen especially when they seem extremely tragic or unnecessary in our opinion.  These are the times when we are grieving over the loss of a loved one or over something that seems so devastating that our hearts feel as if they may not beat another second.

If you know Jesus Christ as Savior, you can know how to survive.  He is there to give you comfort, to heal your broken heart.  Only He can do that.  We do not know God’s purpose.  He is God not man.

“God’s purpose is never man’s purpose. Those things the Lord calls us to endure are part of His plan…The test is to believe that God knows what He is after.  The things that happen do not happen by chance, they happen entirely in the decrees of God.  God is working out His purposes” Oswald Chambers

Attempting to force God to act the way we think He should only leads to disappointment and frustration on our part.  He will never stay within the box we have designed.  Our lives will not be according to our plan. If that was so, how would we learn the majestic power of God Almighty.  He who has power to create the universe and all that is within it.  He who provided the wonderful plan of salvation that only He could provide.  We live in the moment.  God sees eternity past, present and future all at the same time.  We are bound by time and place.  Our perspective is limited.  Why then do we think we know best?

Is your heart broken?  Stop and listen.  God may be trying to tell you something. He is God…we are not.

Charles Stanley says, “Scripture tells us of the Lord’s love, faithfulness and wisdom.  Whenever we cannot understand His ways, faith in His goodness must be our foundation.”