The Necklace

Sometimes we let fear, worry, depression, unworthiness and a host of other emotions cloud our thinking and our daily walk with God.  For a new Christian, for a child who is learning about Christ or sometimes even a weathered mature Christian, it is some times hard to understand the full meaning of peace and assurance in Jesus.  Life has a way of throwing lots of trials, tribulations and just down right old evil at us.

My granddaughter-a young one at age 6 is learning how to handle “fear”. Many of us think that children shouldn’t have anything to worry or fear but to a child fear is a very real and overwhelming emotion. She is dealing with the pressure of doing her best at school and test anxiety has reared its ugly head.

She knows Jesus in a very honest and sincere way and has asked Him into her heart.  After a one on one talk with her, I gave her a necklace-a cross to wear when she takes a test.  I explained that it was not a magic charm but that it was a reminder to pray and ask Jesus to help calm her fears.  She wears it almost every day.

The cross is a symbol of what Jesus did for us at calvary.  A time when Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God willingly became the sacrifice for sin in order for us to have eternal life.  With that sacrifice came an everlasting life before the presence of a Holy God.  With that sacrifice came the privilege of becoming a child of God and laying our petitions at His feet. He is the only one who can calm our fears and emotions.  
Call upon Him to help you when you have fearful, depressive and discouraging emotions that cause you to look within yourselves instead of to the one who can give you peace and assurance.  Jesus is the answer.