The Kangaroo

During my recent trip to Australia, I had a personal encounter with several kangaroos.  These were not wild kangaroos which can be dangerous and mean but gentle ones in a tourist attraction much like a petting zoo.  There must have been twenty or thirty of them resting, sleeping or just curious as to why tourists were invading their space.  One of the momma kangaroos or as the Australians say “Mum” kangaroo had a baby in her pouch.  The little baby had a large head as you can see from the picture and must have been about ready to be out of the pouch.  I did not know that mother kangaroos have three stages of gestation and delivery going on at one time.  The large baby called a “Joey” just large enough to be out of the pouch, a growing new baby “Joey” inside the pouch and an embryo growing and developing just waiting to grow big enough to enter the pouch once the resident baby leaves keep the mother kangaroo very busy.  There are never two babies at the same time. Past, present and future babies.

In thinking about life, I thought of God’s perspective of life events.  Our Heavenly Father sees the past, the present and the future at once! We do not.  Not only does He see it, He designed it.  While we can see the past in great detail-the little joey on the ground, we know what has happened and are aware of the things we might have changed and the things we did right.  We may also be aware of the new growing and developing but can only see part of it until it comes to full term.  This is the present-the Joey in the pouch, the one not fully developed and not part of our current understanding.  We may think we know what will take place but until it happens we can only assume it is the way we think it is. And as for the future-the developing joey, we can only imagine what it might be like!  We can imagine the joy and anticipate its coming.

Praise the Lord for His marvelous creation and how marvelous is His provision!  We remember the past and know how He has provided and brought us through all things.  We look at the present and see His Hand is working in our life each day and we look to the future and know that because He has provided for us in the past and in the present that He will indeed provide for us in the future.  Oh, what a marvelous, wonderful God we serve!!