The Empty Tomb

tissot-jesus-in-the-sepulchre-595x727Imagine with me if you will.
In the tomb so quiet and still,
The body of my Savior lay
Dead and cold and sullen gray

Man had crucified God’s precious Son.
Beaten-scourged this very one,
Who came to save the soul of man.
Now sacrificed by God’s own plan.

The wrath of God that day was stilled.
tissot-the-resurrection-480x736Jesus sinless blood so freely spilled.
The penalty for my sin was paid.
Now in the tomb His body laid.

But wait!  What is this now?
A light is shining, but how?
The Son of God begins to move.
Victory over death,  He proves!

Light fills the darkness so bright.
What a splendid, awesome, wonderful sight!
To see my Lord raised from dead.
Come alive just like He said.

tissot-the-angel-seated-on-the-stone-of-the-tomb-438x737Victory over death now won.
Conquered by God’s only Son.
No fear of sin and death for man.
No fear of hell sins payment stands.

Angels round the tomb did stay.
Testified to those that day.
Rejoice!  He is risen! He is not here!
Tell others what He did and do not fear.

Jesus died that you might live.
Eternal life forever give.
His life and blood were shed for you
Repent today and choose Him too!

The_Ascension__James_TissotNo longer in your sin be bound
But covered by His blood be found
Rejoicing for my Savior’s grace
One day to see Him face to face

Choose Jesus and repent of sin
Confess to Him how bad you’ve been
He’ll cleanse you as white as the new fallen snow
You’ll praise Him forever and to heaven you’ll go!

by Sandra Hardage, March 23, 2008