Lessons from the Life of Joseph: In the Pit

In the Pit

Excerpt from FAITH Joseph’s Story

“In that pit, I knew I could not rely upon my father to provide protection. I thought the end was near.  It was at this time that I realized I really did not know YHWH as my God. I had listened intently as my father had told the stories of Abraham, Isaac and had heard father’s own stories of his encounters with mighty YHWH.  But I did not know Him for myself. Would He leave me here to die?  Would He care?

My father, grandfather and great grandfather had been through many trials and God had appeared to each of them.  Would He do the same for me? Would He protect me now and keep me from being murdered? 

What about my dreams?  If they had been from God and I am dead, those dreams would never be fulfilled.  Was it all my imagination?  Was it just my active creative mind that had dreamed?  God had spoken to my father Jacob through dreams. Was my dream real?  I didn’t understand.  All I could feel was terror, loneliness, and depression in the darkness of the pit.  Where are you God?  Help me! “

Let’s face it.  We have all been in the pit at one time or another in our life.  When things are going good, we don’t give much thought to God because we don’t need anything.  It is only when we find ourselves having a pit experience and have no where else to turn that we call out to the only one who can really change the situation—God Himself.

Joseph had lived a life of ease as the favorite son of his father. The proof came when his father gave him the beautiful multicolored coat.  Such a beautiful coat was similar to the ones worn by royalty and could not be worn to work in the field.  It represented prestige and great favor.

Joseph’s brothers were jealous to the point of hatred toward him. Perhaps Joseph had a prideful attitude and maybe he had even been a spoiled brat.  Perhaps his countenance gave the look of someone who thought they were better than the others. He had everything his heart desired except the respect and love of his brothers.

God gave Joseph two dreams. God, as prophecy of future events, had given Joseph’s these dreams.  Joseph did not realize when he shared the dreams with his brothers the extent of their hatred and jealousy.

But now…there in that cold dark place at the bottom of the pit, Joseph would now have to take the time to reflect on his life.  It was time for him to realize that just because his father, grandfather and great grandfather knew God in a personal way it did not mean Joseph had the same relationship.    This place at this time would be the place that Joseph must examine his own life.  No one else was there to show him what to do…except God Himself. 

Did Joseph know God before that moment?  He certainly had the opportunity to know who He was.  He had heard the stories around the fire at night, the quiet times when his father had told him of the God of creation and what God had done in his own life. 

Were these just stories Joseph listened to for entertainment? Had he known and experienced God for himself?

Only God knows the answer just as He knows the answer for all His children.  It is a very personal private time in the life of believers.  Just you and God.  No one else.

I believe that if Joseph didn’t know God before this time, the bottom of the pit is where he found Him. Often God has to “get our attention”. It is in times like this, that we seek God.  When things are going smoothly and according to what we think things should be, we think we don’t need God.  Or, do we?

Growing up I knew Jesus as my Savior at the age of 12, but there was a time in my life when I was at the bottom of the pit that I came to know God.  I knew Him on a personal, deeper level.  We had a relationship.

God and Joseph had a personal relationship. God would see him through the coming months and years to a place He had planned for Joseph’s life before the beginning of time.

He has a plan for your life as well.  A divine plan concerning you. Do you have a personal relationship with God? Have you met Jesus?