Life stories are important. My story, your story and the stories of your family who have gone on before give us clues into our own DNA makeup.  Your family ancestry passes along bits and pieces of DNA that give you eye color, hair color, genetic venerability to certain diseases, and so much more.

In honor of my ancestors and the hopes of passing down my own legacy to my children and grandchildren, these pages will contain stories either written, in audio format or video format of the lives of myself and my family.

One of the greatest treasures my mother passed down to me was the audio-cassette tapes containing the voices of my grandmothers telling their stories of living in the 1900s.  Here on this page, I will share these stories with you and you will hear my grandmothers’ voices as they tell their own personal stories. I will also share old photographs, written family stories and some video clips of family histories.

Understanding the past helps us to live in the present.

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Read and listen to these personal stories. There are three categories: “Days Gone By” that tell the stories of my grandmothers who grew up in the 1900s. “Family History” is a sharing of events of my family and bits and pieces of genealogy. “Decades of Memories” provide insight into the growing up years of myself and my husband. Hope you enjoy!

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