FAITH Joseph’s Story

A Novel and Christian Bible Study by Sandra Hardage

Joseph’s story inspired me.  This young man had heard the stories of his father and grandfather as they shared God’s promises around a fire at night or sitting in the shade of a tree during the midday sun.  Joseph took these stories with him as he went through numerous situations beyond his control and believed that God would fulfill every promise He had made to Abraham.

FAITH Joseph’s Story gives Joseph voice as he recounts the journey of faith he traveled throughout his lifetime. He was a mighty example of how God prepares His people for kingdom work.  God prepared Joseph all his life for the position of Vizier of Egypt and the saving of many lives during the severe famine.

Joseph saw the fulfillment of God’s promise of bringing the descendants of Abraham into a foreign land to make them a great nation. Joseph believed so strongly in the promises God gave to Abraham that before his death he made the family swear to take his body to the Promised Land when they returned.  This promise was fulfilled four hundred years later when Moses led God’s people from Egypt carrying the embalmed body of Joseph with them to his final resting place in the Promised Land.

Sandra Hardage

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