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Faith, Joseph's Story by Sandra Hardage


FAITH Joseph’s Story Bible Study is about the growing faith of a young man who experienced many trials in his life and faithfully completed his God-given tasks to fulfill God’s divine plan for the growth of Abraham’s descendents into the nation of Israel.  Joseph’s life provides us with a great example of faith in God in spite of obstacles that may come our way.  Because most of my life has been spent as an educator and teacher, I have provided you as leader/facilitator with a place to access materials that will enhance your Bible Study efforts with the group you are leading.  I have spent many years developing a knowledge of Egyptian culture as well as early Hebrew culture during the time of Joseph’s life. 

Leaders and teachers need a working knowledge of the cultural environment of the Biblical men and women they are studying in order to fully understand how the choices made related to the decision making process of their time and also relate to decisions we make in our cultural environment today.  In this book, I sought to make the reading material as real to the times as possible. On this page, you will find links to a variety of materials including videos, PowerPoint slides, PDF files and more that can be shown or used during class time or on  an individual basis.  There is also a Facebook private discussion group called FAITH Joseph’s Story.  Ask to become a member.  Join us in the discussion of Joseph’s Story and find additional materials there as well.
It is my hope these materials will be of benefit to you

May God bless you as you study His Word and lead others to do the same.



The Ancestors of Joseph

Customs and Culture of the Patriarchs movie

Family Traits

Joseph’s Family Life

Joseph’s Dreams

Sold into Slavery

Life in Egypt

In Potiphar’s House

In Potiphar’s House

More PowerPoint presentations from Sandra

PowerPoint  In Potiphar’s House Transcript


Joseph in Prison

Pharaoh’s Dreams

The Fat and the Famine

Joseph and His Brothers

Return to Egypt

The Final Test

A Family Reunion

Blessings and Burial


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